Conventionally, LED streetlights house the driver unit and LED units in a single box. The electronic driver adds heat within the box, affecting the performance and reliability of the steetlight. Greenstar Engineering has refreshed this approach to come up with better managed streetlights.Thermal management in LED streetlights is a constant challenge throughout their existence.

Smart Way To Build Smart Street Light Solutions Existing street light systems suffer from problems like inefficiency, power wastage, power pilferage and cumbersome maintenance. Faulty street lights can also be a reason for crimes on roads and highways. Smart street light management systems address all these issues. This article explains a reference platform for building such systems. Current street lighting systems The existing solutions are based on either of the following techniques: Manual switching: This is the classic and omnipresent technique. The light is switched ON and OFF by a human attendant. Light dependent resistance (LDR): LDR-based lights can switch themselves ON and OFF according to the ambient light conditions. Tolerance variation in LDRs requires manual tuning of threshold levels in individual lights, typically using potentiometers. Dust deposits can also affect the sensitivity. Such factors reduce the reliability of the system. Astronomical Timers: These devices choose the switch ON or switch OFF time depending on the date on the calendar. The devices are preprogrammed according to the location of the installation. This scheme is inflexible, does not take care of variable light situations such as overcast, dust storm etc.

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